Business Person Of The Year

In November 2019 the Tereza Joanne’s longest serving team member Marian Phillips was given the Newham Business Person Of The Year award. We are proud and honoured for Marian to receive this award and get the recognition she deserves. She has been at the helm of the Tereza Joanne since the very beginning in 1997 and involved in Docklands for even longer. Below are a few words from Marian herself about the award ceremony.


“November 6th 2019 was an eventful day for myself and all the staff on board the Tereza Joanne.  I had been nominated for business person of the year and a group of us were attending the dinner and award ceremony in Stratford.

As I am not used to public speaking I was anxious and on edge throughout the build up of the evening unable to enjoy the beautiful meal that was served and worried about drinking too much wine everyone else was having a great time! Perhaps I should have had a couple of extra glasses but I was too conscious that I would probably trip up or worse still fall off the stage; permittable if you are a rock star.

As normal my award was the last one of the evening it did make it more prestigious but my agony was clearly visible. The room exploded when they read out my name my colleagues whooped and jumped up more overjoyed than I was as now I had to say a few words.

I briefly told the room about my 35yrs in Docklands and it all seemed so natural and easy, why had I been so nervous? I also received a tumultuous applause. 

Roll On 2020.  We are heading in the right direction and the whole team is looking forward to another successful year with the business person of the year at the helm. Watch out for lots of new events and developments in Albert Island.  I am also looking forward to handing over the reins to Michael and Adrian who have worked tirelessly to get the business on a solid footing.  They will no doubt be winning many more awards for the business in the future.”

Marian Phillips