Veda Black

Performed on: 30.03.16


Behind the pseudonym VEDA BLACK, is Corinne,
a 21 year old songwriter, producer and professional diva.
Raised by her mother, Annemarie, a dressmaker and fashion designer from Jamaica, Corinne was brought up to appreciate her Caribbean roots and her power as a proud feminist, which can be heard very clearly throughout her lyrics.
Born and bread in East London, Corinne is a self-taught musician and vocalist.
Bearing the odd mixture of stylistic influences from Pink Floyd to Stevie wonder and Marvin Gaye; the impact of these musical legends can be heard throughout the very soul of her music.
With ruthless lyrics, experimental arrangements and “take no prisoners” attitude, her music brings you a blend of gritty R&B and a sultry mix of alternative soul, and mashes them into something so powerful and dynamic, it just has to be heard.
Equipped with a powerful set of lungs, a colourful wardrobe and the constantly ever-changing head of hair. This is just the beginning; VEDA is bringing something new to the game.

Expect live gigs full of attitude and energetic performances fully supported with a four-pieced band!




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