Performed on: 28.10.15


Moo Clef has been known as many things to many different people but one thing is for sure – he’s not your average hip hop artist. Some have reached for his music as a means of therapy, referring to him as a “good doctor”, while others have loosely dubbed him as “somewhere between Battles and Zappa”. Hailing from the mountains of North Italy and currently producing music in ‘the big smoke’ of London town, it’s no wonder that his music has an offbeat edge.

As you can imagine, it is not easy to pigeonhole Moo Clef’s style; it would be easier to pin the tail on the donkey than to pinpoint such a thing. However, it is possible to take one’s hat off to the Clef when it comes to his distinctive use of laid-back sticky beats, slick basslines, homemade gritty samples and compelling conscious lyrics. And his work is all in the name of inspiring, informing and inciting others.